Performance Appraisal Preparation & Record Template


This document can be used to ensure that appraisals are prepared for and recorded effectively.

See below for information on how to use this document.

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How to use this document:

This document is a standard template which can be used for all appraisals. It outlines where you should document your feedback and in what order, as well as some key points regarding commitments.

Once filled in, use this document during an appraisal to ensure that you are presenting all of the feedback you would like to.
The second page outlines where you should be documenting your staff member’s feedback.

Once your appraisal is complete and document filled out, have your staff member sign the document and then store it somewhere centrally for easy reference.

By having your appraisal notes accurately recorded and signed by your staff member, it ensures that your staff member is accepting the feedback and solutions which have been negotiated.

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