Job Description: Sommelier


The job description is five pages long and includes a thorough description of the role, responsibilities and expectations.

See below for information on how to use this document.

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How to use this document:

This form documents the primary responsibilities and duties required to perform the job. It lists all of the duties and responsibilities in order of importance.

It is a basis for owners, managers and supervisors to manage and evaluate performance for different staff positions.

This job description should be used to develop a person specification, by identifying exactly what type of person will suit the job. This can then be used to set targets and criteria during recruitment and selection.

New employees must have a full understanding of their job expectations once they have been given a detailed job description. Legal requirements state that an employer must be able to prove that they have delivered a thorough orientation and explained the job description and other areas including manual handling, fire safety, first aid and employment policies. This proof normally comes in the form of signed induction and orientation manuals and job descriptions.

It should also be used during performance appraisal by forming the basis of the feedback being provided.

Without a detailed description of a job and its essential functions, it is difficult to develop performance standards. Detailed job descriptions ensure that managers are able to track their employee’s performance.

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