Food Recipe Cost Sheet


This template can be used to accurately cost each menu item. This allows the kitchen management team to accurately manage the cost of each dish that leaves the kitchen and make the necessary adjustments if the profit margin has reached an unsustainable level.

See below for information on how to use this document.

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How to use this document:

This spreadsheet will not only assist you in costing out your recipes, but will also alert you if your costings are getting out of control.

Start by entering information related to your dish and the spreadsheet will then calculate the cost of each ingredient, the revenue you will generate from the dish as well as the gross profit and food cost percentage of the dish.

With cost of goods being the second largest expense in your business, you need to ensure that you keep them at an appropriate level. This leads towards a healthy balance sheet which is absolutely necessary for you to get the work/life balance you may be seeking, putting your business under management or laying the foundations for expansion.

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