Employment Application Form


One of the main reasons for using an application form during the recruitment process is because there is no standard format for resumes. Using an application form will give you the standard information you need from each applicant.

It can also be used as a basic literacy test. We’ve seen some weird and wonderful spelling and grammar over the years, and using an application form cancels out the option of a spell check for the applicant.

Ensuring the information you are being given is true and correct is even more important than the information itself. Once signed and dated the application form becomes a legal document which gives you the legal right to conduct credit and reference checks

This is used immediately prior to the first interview, then compared with the applicants resume to ensure that both sets of information match.

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Word (Editable) and PDF (Versions) are available for purchase.

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How to use this document:

The applicant should be asked to arrive 15 minute early for their interview to fill this form in.

Once filled in the interviewer should take a few minutes to compare the application form with information listed on the resume and  identify any discrepancies.

Any discrepancies should be carefully explored during the first interview.

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