Delegation Guidelines


This document explains delegation and when to use it. It is particularly useful for managers who are working long hours and gives them the tools required to delegate responsibilities to subordinate staff.

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How to use this document:

This document clearly outlines what delegation is, its importance and how you should go about effectively delegating.

When choosing to delegate a task, use the document to clearly prepare the staff member you are planning on delegating the task to.

The document then outlines what the four steps of delegation are and how you should follow them.

Managers and supervisors have an ever growing workload because of the extra responsibilities attached to their job. In order to advance to the next level in an organisation, managers must devote time to these extra responsibilities and the development of their own skills.

This time can only be found by delegating some of their existing responsibilities to sub-ordinate staff. Failure to delegate wisely can leave managers overburdened with work and surrounded by underdeveloped employees.

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