Costed Roster Template


This template can be used to accurately forecast labour cost over the course of a week. It is split into 4 sections – FOH forecast wages, FOH actual wages, BOH forecast wages and BOH actual wages. It also includes how to summarise labour information in a way that allows senior management to easily review FOH and BOH data.

See below for information on how to use this document.

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How to use this document:

Simply enter the hourly or daily wage of each staff member, your forecasted sales for each day and the projected hours for each staff member.
The template will then account for on costs and provide you with a detailed summary of how much money you are projected to be spending during that period and what your wage cost percentage will be based on those figures.

Using a costed roster system helps you control wages before the roster has started, so you can identify an issue of potentially high wage costs before the money is spent. Without costed rostering, you tend to find out you have a wage cost issue when it’s too late.

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