Audit of Front of House Operations


This audit is a template that can be used to shine a light on Front of House operations which allows management to focus on particular areas of concern.These areas include staff training, product and service knowledge, stock control, wage cost control and sales skills.

See below for information on how to use this document.

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How to use this document:

Included in this audit is a list of questions related to the systems you are checking. Using the audit will give you an overall score as a percentage for that area and an indication as to how efficiently it is being maintained.

Begin by using the worksheet tab and answering the questions. Put a Y OR N for yes or no in the column provided. In the notes section document what evidence you have to support your Y/N.

Once you have completed the worksheet click on the summary tab. The work sheet will have automatically updated the summary page and given you a score for all of the areas the audit covers, as well as an overall score.

Based on areas that you have provided an answer of No, you should put actions in place to rectify these areas of concern.

This audit covers areas related to the system you are auditing and will help you identify if the system is not working as efficiently as it should.

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