Induction and Orientation

Perhaps the most important of all training, induction and orientation is the process of introducing a new employee into your team.

Time spent on carefully introducing your new staff to your business when they start can save you a significant amount of time in the future. It also helps the new staff member to feel part of the team which will help to be as productive as possible as quickly as possible.

The purpose is twofold:
First, it is the mechanism by which the vision of the owner of the business is shared with the new employee, thus establishing a context they can work within (company induction).

Second, it is the way you speed the process of the new person being accepted by other staff, thus saving time and preventing upset (departmental orientation).

Nowadays you have a legal obligation to be able to prove that you have given all staff the above information, this can be easily done by compiling the above information into an Induction Manual which is then signed by each staff member as a declaration that they have read it.

Statistically we only absorb a very small percentage of what we read, many of the businesses we work with test their staff on the contents of the induction manual – this forces them to read this information very carefully because there may be consequences to failing the test.
In this section you will find the information you need to implement a structured induction and orientation program in your business.

These resources will assist you in installing or improving many of the management systems needed for your business – so that you can get the work/life balance you may be seeking, put your business under management or lay the foundations for expansion.

The topics in this section are trained in our Train the Trainer course.

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