Standard Interview Questions

A good first interview will help you to identify who you’re really dealing with.

These questions focus on what the applicant wants, what their domestic situation is, their education and training, their hobbies and interests and their job history and help you to assess:
• What the candidate seeks in terms of position, company/industry location, and rewards in both short and long term.
• Why the candidate is seeking a new position.
• Details of the candidate’s experience and training in relation to the demands of a specific vacancy.
• The candidate’s personality, motivation and character.
• The physical and personal characteristics such as appearance, grooming, communication and, to some degree, lifestyle.

All of these areas are important when considering someone’s suitability.

Standard interview questions should be asked in all interviews regardless of the position or seniority of the role you are recruiting for.

How to conduct first interviews and use these questions are trained during our Recruitment and Selection course. click here for more information on this and all of our other courses.

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