Reference Checking

Have you checked if what someone has told you in an interview is actually true?

How can you be sure that where they have worked, the role they held and what they can do is accurate?

You should always check the references of applicants you are interested in after the 1st interview. Do not simply rely on an applicant’s written references or referees listed on a resume. It is unlikely an applicant will provide an unfavourable written reference, so the value of most written references is debatable.

Our standard reference checking questions will assist you in the following:

• Verifying the applicant’s employment details.
• Determining the referee’s perceptions of the applicant’s performance, attributes, attitudes, skills and knowledge.
• Establishing the applicant’s reason for leaving that employment.
• Identifying if the referee would re-employ the applicant and why?
• Understanding if the referee believes the applicant would be suited to the role you’re recruiting for.

How to conduct reference checks and use them is trained during our Recruitment and Selection course. Click here for more information on this and all of our other courses.

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