Job Specific Questions

Asked during the interview directly after the standard interview questions, these job specific questions are designed to identify if the applicant suits the job.

You must also assess whether the applicant is suitable for the position you are offering by asking yourself “does the applicant meet my needs?”

Consider these main issues:
• Attitude — does the applicant possess the right attitude for the job?
• Skills — does the applicant have the skills to perform the job?
• Knowledge — does the applicant have sufficient knowledge to perform the job?

Each of the below categories contains job specific questions for each role ranging from Front of House Sales Person to Head Chef and Venue Manager. They allow you to assess whether or not the candidate has the attitude, skills and knowledge to fulfill the role.

How to conduct first interviews and use these questions are trained during our Recruitment and Selection course. click here for more information on this and all of our other courses.

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