Project briefs

A project brief is a document that defines the scope and requirements for a project. It contains an overview of the goals for the project and functionality necessary to complete them. It’s called a “brief” – not a document – for a reason. It should be brief. Taking the time to distill each element down to its simplest and clearest form makes everything more focused. And, as a result, your end result should be more focused and effective.

It is arguably the most important document created on any project and any good plan starts with a good project brief. At its core, a brief should communicate your project approach and the process your team will use to manage the project according to what the end result is expected to be.

Clear objectives can be set relating to what the project brief is, what timeframes are attached, what the parameters of the project are and what the expected outcomes will be.

The brief is then shared with the people who are working on the project so they can understand how you see the end result.

The main benefit of a well constructed brief are that end result of the project is very clear to those on the project team. This allows them to continually refer to the targets and aims of the project to ensure an effective result.

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