Performance Appraisal Commencement Briefing

The purpose of performance appraisal is to improve the performance of your staff by providing objective information or ‘feedback’ on how they are doing i.e. what they are doing well and which areas of their work require attention.

The performance appraisal process itself must be explained properly to your staff to reap the overall rewards of the process.

This commencement briefing is an excellent preparation tool and useful in explaining the appraisal process to all staff at all levels.
The performance appraisal commencement briefing outlines the following:
What a performance appraisal is;
Why we need to performance appraisals;
What the objectives are;
What process we follow;
What’s required to get started;
What key skills are essential.

An effective performance appraisal process is one of the key people management systems needed in your business, so ensuring that you properly prepare you staff is essential to getting it right.

This is all geared towards getting you the work/life balance you may be seeking, putting your business under management or laying the foundations for expansion.

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