Leadership communication

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a staff member has done something completely different to how you had instructed them to do it?

Ever wondered why some of your staff just don’t seem to care about your business the way you wished they would?

A lot of these issues are most likely a symptom of poor communication and leadership.

Leadership communication is the language of guidance and control — necessary in order to keep a group of people productive and working towards a common, united goal. One of the most important skills required for a leader is communication. If you want to get staff to do what you want them to you must apply some effective form of influence over them. This can be achieved by using accurate and disciplned forms of communication such as effective listening, being able to cross check that your staff have done what they said they would do and delegation.

This section contains information on tools and techniques that managers can use to lead, delegate and cross check their staff.

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