Human Resource & Profitability Audits

The term “audit” sounds a bit harsh – we’re not in the Tax Department! A management systems health check is what these audits are. They help you identify the areas of your business that are operaing well and the areas that aren’t.

If we look at the biggest challenges facing hospitality operators at present, the control of costs would have to come close to the top of the list. Reducing your major costs — particularly wages and cost of goods sold (commonly referred to as food and beverage costs) — will present you with some of your biggest headaches. As will the standard of the quality of the product provided, the level of service offered and the cleanliness of your venue.

Included in each audit is a list of questions related to the systems you are checking. Using the audit will give you an overall score as a percentage for that area and an indication as to how efficiently it is being maintained.

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