Development plans

A development plan is a roadmap for the development of your staff and your department. It establishes the aims, objectives and required skills of each staff member to fulfil their current and future roles.

It also assists with the identification of training needs and the setting of appropriate SMART goals to meet these needs.

A well-written development plan is essential for the following reasons:

• Improved employee performance – When a staff member knows what they are working towards and what training is coming next it becomes easier for them to perform above the standard required.

• Difficulty of recruiting skilled staff – With a shortage of skilled key staff, importing skills can be very difficult and expensive. It is necessary to be able to develop staff internally.

• Improved employee satisfaction and morale – When a staff member is undergoing structured training and development their need for self-development is met. This leads to increased job satisfaction and team morale which improves staff retention.

• Addressing areas for improvement – All staff will have areas for improvement. A DP lays out the plan to strengthen the skills that each employee needs to improve in.

• Productivity and profitability – When managers implement and maintain effective DPs, higher levels of productivity and profits can be achieved.

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