Leadership and Communication

This section highlights the key communication tools, methods and techniques that can be used for effective leadership and communication within your business.

The traditional view of the manager and supervisor is of a kind of policeman who administers authoritarian discipline and strictly controls the work environment.

The modern view, is that the manager/supervisor is a coach, cheerleader and nurturer of champions. It is more important for a manager/supervisor to be trusted and respected than feared.

By using these tools you will be arming your senior staff with the knowledge they need to manage the performance of their teams effectively.

While the resources on this website are absolutely essential in assisting you to install or improve many of the management systems needed for your business, it can be quite difficult if you haven’t experienced them for yourself. Our hospitality training workshops are designed to suit all your key staff development needs.

Many of the topics in this section are trained in our Hospitality Supervisor and Professional Manager course.

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