Beverage recipe cost sheet

Do you ever have a problem with beverage costs in your business? Most businesses have higher costs in this area than what is appropriate as they can quite quickly and easily spiral out of control.

The issue may not be theft, breakages or that your bar staff are over portioning. It all starts with beverage list construction. How are you currently constructing it? Do you let your Sommelier go to town choosing beverages and then apply a margin onto your cost prices?

Your first point of call should be to ensure that making an appropriate margin on your beverage list is even possible.
This spreadsheet will assist you in not only costing your beverage list, but also identify any potential issues that will reduce your bottom line.

Keeping beverage costs low will always contribute towards a healthy balance sheet and will help you on your way to getting the work/life balance you may be seeking, putting your business under management or laying the foundations for expansion.

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