Cost Control (Wages & F&B)

Your business requires a great deal of skill to run, especially if it is new; however, an intense effort to install workable control systems will be rewarded by a comfortable, predictable and enjoyable work environment in the future. More importantly, it will allow you to grow. Managing a disorganised hospitality operation is a nightmare with no relief; life becomes a succession of fire fighting exercises while standards and morale slide steadily downward.

Gone are the days when hospitality businesses didn’t have to worry about strict cost control. Profit margins were high and you could run a food business by the seat of your pants or with very rudimentary control systems and still come out smelling like roses at the end of the month (or year). Those were the days!

These documents and calculators can be used to more accurately predict costs and revenue, giving you the tools you need to increase your profit.

While the resources on this website are absolutely essential in assisting you to install or improve many of the management systems needed for your business, it can be quite difficult if you haven’t experienced them for yourself.

Many of the topics in this section are trained in our Food Cost Control for Chefs and Managers and Improving Profit course.

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