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HospoResources Background

We know that hospitality businesses are becoming larger and much more complex to run. It is also harder than ever to make a profit from a hospitality business because standards have risen in the industry due to the intense pressure of competition.

Created by our team of field consultants, you now have the opportunity to gain a wealth of resources and information that will allow you to run your business better, manage your team more effectively and potentially make the money you want.

These resources will assist you in installing or improving many of the management systems needed for your business – so that you can get the work/life balance you may be seeking, put your business under management or lay the foundations for expansion.

This website has been designed for you to gain access to the intellectual property of Eldred Hospitality.

Company Background

Eldred Hospitality Pty Ltd was formed by Tony Eldred in 1987 to supply short hospitality management courses and training services for owners, managers and supervisors working within the hospitality, foodservice and tourism industries.

Since then our company has evolved, and now specialises in all aspects of systemised hospitality management and key staff development. All our services and management systems have been developed in conjunction with leading hospitality operators in our region, then tested and refined in the reality of their workplaces. High quality, short course hospitality training services are still the core of our business and are the platform from which we have developed all other business activities.

Having established training services, way back in 1989 we began providing management expertise at the request of business owners who had attended our training courses. Fully realising that training is not a universal cure-all without operational follow-up, we began to work within our client’s businesses, guiding them to create stronger, more stable teams. This led to the development of the skills and procedures to guide a small or medium sized business in the transition to a structured company and beyond into multiple location operations, or a larger business into management based on proper structure, responsibility and accountability.

We have continued to expand and develop our management skills and are now able to offer an extensive range of flexible, integrated services that include hospitality management and executive search. We will continue to add to our range as we prove new procedures and systems in the workplace.

Our highly skilled key staff have over 160 years experience managing restaurants, bars, hotels and other hospitality businesses. They spend most of their time visiting our clients’ businesses to coach and mentor key staff as well as conducting training workshops all over our region. They are ready to help you with your business.

In addition to our own staff we have gathered an elite group of associates who have proven skills in the more specialized areas of hospitality operation. These professionals are either engaged by us to assist in the development of our clients businesses or recommended to our clients for direct engagement, depending on the circumstance.